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photographer, software engineer, writer

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I have three big passions: computer science, natural history, and photography. And, this website is kind of like a hub for those passions, with links to a few projects I've worked on in the past, and some stuff I'm working on right now.

I've been fascinated with computers ever since my dad brought home a Gateway 2000 when I was a kid. I remember spending hours that day messing around with MS Paint (that paintbucket tool was so amazing back then!). But, then once I got bored with MS Paint, I taught myself how to program in QBASIC, then Visual Basic, then C++, and Java.

So, naturally, when it came time to pick a major for college, I chose Computer Science. In college, I became more interested in the theory of computation and artificial intelligence, but I still explored other stuff too like the art of editing and encoding video.

Natural history and photography are more recent interests of mine. While driving cross country from Chicago to Los Angeles, I became fascinated with the desert landscape and took a ton of photos, but was disappointed with the results of my cheap point and shoot camera. So, I bought a digital SLR and learned how to use it.

Since then, I've started a blog on nature photography, and have had my photos published in magazines like Nature Photographer and PhotoYou. I've also shared my photos with organizations like the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation.

For a complete set of my photos, check out my Flickr photostream.

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